When Interviewing a candidate for an open position, employers often pass on Introverts without even knowing why.  Everyone wants so badly to be, and be around, dynamic Extroverts – but people.. Introverts make up 1/3 of our population and we’re not going anywhere.

When communicating, Introverts have a different way of expressing themselves than our Extroverted cousins, and that includes the way we interview.  We’re not boring, shy, arrogant, or socially awkward.  We just hate small-talk and prefer deeper conversations where we can talk about our talents and skills in great detail.  Besides… You absolutely want at least one Introvert on your team.  Work environments with diverse personalities are proven to be more productive.  Here are a few reasons why you NEED to hire, and keep Introverts:

  1. Introverts make GREAT Employees. We are not antisocial, we simply PREFER solitude or working alone. If we see that no one else is getting the job done, or stepping-up… You can bet the farm we will. This makes Introverts excellent employees.
  2. Introverts make great co-workers. We take the time to listen to and assimilate other ideas and methods and if yours is actually better than ours… We will happily agree to it.  Introverts hate being the idiot in the room, and rarely are.
  3. Introverts make GREAT Leaders.  Not “Bosses”, I said LEADERS!  Being the boss is too often the result of kissing-up, being part of the right clique, or simply being the last man or woman standing.  I call that last one a “Boss by Attrition”.  Introverts make great Leaders, particularly Thought Leaders, because we hold ourselves to high standards.  We lead by doing, teaching, and improving systems and processes that can be reproduced for everyone.  Introverts use analysis, logic, and in-depth comparisons of alternate methods and outcomes before coming to a decision. We make great Leaders because we empower others.
  4. Introverts have a high standard of performance. And we deploy it in our assessment of – everything.  But make no mistake… As Introverts, we apply those standards to ourselves much more harshly than we will anyone else.  Introverts are passionate about the quality of our work.

If your team or project can’t afford to make a lot of mistakes… Hire an Introvert.  We excel at Logic and clear thinking and make fewer mistakes because we are more methodical and detail oriented.  So learn how to spot the elusive Introvert during your hiring process.  When you find one that’s qualified… “Pull the Trigger”!  You’ll be happy you did.


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